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About ELS...

Training: Emergency Life Support Services is based in the county of Conwy, North Wales, providing first class and professional  bilingual training in First Aid and Life Support to the public, companies and healthcare providers.

First Aid Cover for your Event: In addition to training provision, Emergency Life Support Services can provide first aid cover for events both indoors and outdoors.  Event first aid cover is comprehensive and includes the provision of an on site AED defibrillator for the duration of your event.

First Aid, as the term implies, is the initial treatment given to someone who is injured or sick, prior to professional medical assistance arriving and taking over with the care.

As a First Aider, safe and effective treatment could make a difference between life and death, and the priorities fall into three specific categories:

  • Preserve life

  • Prevent the condition from worsening

  • Promote recovery

Coronary heart disease is the leading cause of death in the world.  In the UK out of hospital Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) claims 30,000 lives per year.  Research suggests that the majority of the people who die of SCA suffer an attack during work time and workers aged 35-45 are the most at risk, but it can also occur in the young.

In the majority of out-of-hospital cardiac arrests the heart’s electrical activity becomes chaotic and can only be treated effectively by attempting defibrillation using an Automated External Defibrillator (AED). In the absence of bystander Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) with each minute’s delay the chances of a successful outcome decrease by about 10-12%.

The Resuscitation Council (UK) has a “Chain of Survival” which incorporates four links.  For a chance to survive, all four links need to be followed, the first being early recognition of deterioration/illness/injury and calling for help, followed by intervention.

There is a big drive now for the general public to learn how to provide First Aid and Resuscitation, and employers have a duty of care to facilitate resuscitation, as well as First Aid provision, for their employees, non-employees and contractors visiting their premises.

Aspects of First Aid and Resuscitation can be taught to any age group, and, with effective, prompt treatment Sudden Cardiac Arrests could reduce in numbers.

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About your Trainer...


Emergency Life Support Services is based in the county of Conwy, North Wales, providing first class and professional  bilingual training in First Aid and Life Support to the public, companies and healthcare providers.



Elspeth Roberts, the director and training manager of ELS Services is a registered nurse (trained in St Thomas' Hospital, London) with over 25 years experience in critical care and resuscitation.  Eight of these years were spent as a Resuscitation Officer in Glan Clwyd Hospital, North Wales, providing:




  • Basic and Advanced Life Support training to the medical, nursing and non-medical employees of the Conwy and Denbighshire NHS Trust (now known as Betsi Cadwaladr University Local Health Board, Central Division)


  • Life Support training and provision of Automated External Defibrillators (AED's) for mental health establishments and dental clinics across North Wales.


  • Life Support skills and resuscitation to numerous cardiac arrested and collapsed patients (both adults and paediatrics) in Glan Clwyd Hospital as part of the resuscitation team.


  • Specific Life Support training for schools and other organisations across North Wales.


An Advanced Life Support Instructor, Elspeth provides the necessary training to maintain her registration with the Resuscitation Council (UK), and updates herself regularly in order to provide training and care according to the most current guidelines (RCUK 2010).

Elspeth holds nationally recognised teaching and assessment qualifications and has worked as a freelance instructor for over ten years, teaching various aspects of life support, anaphylaxis (severe allergy) training and basic ECG interpretation throughout the UK.

Elspeth is able to provide First Aid at Work (FAW) and Emergency First Aid at Work (EFAW) courses and is certified through NUCO training.


In addition to the First Aid at Work and Emergency First Aid at Work courses, Elspeth and ELS Services can provide bespoke training sessions to suit your individual requirements, and can provide certification of your attendance.



Here is what previous clients have to say about the training delivered by ELS Services


“Lovely tutor – very knowledgeable”

“Brilliant for beginners through to knowledgeable practitioners”

“Teacher was fantastic and took time with everybody”

“Fantastic! Brilliant tutor.  Feel like I understand this now.”


“Very informative workshop, with an excellent tutor”

“I learnt a lot and it really widened my knowledge”

“Tutor friendly, approachable, explained really well, I feel much more confident”


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